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In the past the single most popular method of building your home was to hire an architect, get a set of plans, and get 3 estimates for the work and choose the lowest one. This method is called Design-Bid-Build. As time has gone on, people realized that there are a few inherent pitfalls in this system such as:

It can create an adversarial relationship between designer and builder.
Flaws in the design can create change orders that cost the owner big money.
It can be a slow process with no construction beginning until contract is awarded.
Although the owner seems to have gotten the lowest price, the low bid is not always the best value.
The winning contractor will look for ways to cut corners and make back the money he gave up at bid.
There’s no control over the quality of subcontractors that will be working on the project.

If an owner wants more control over the process from pre-design through design and into procurement, hiring a construction manager may be the way to get it. A construction manager can offer these benefits:

• He can help in the pre-design phase to plan the size, functionality, desired materials performance and design (such as fire resistance) and aesthetics etc. of the home
• He can help in the design phase by performing the following:
• helping to choose a good value design professional,
• Performing constructibility reviews (finding problems before the construction begins).
• Value engineering (finding more economical ways to build things).
• Creating a realistic schedule for design, procurement, and construction.
• He can help in the procurement phase by insuring that sub-contractors are qualified and capable both in terms of ability, track record, schedule, project size and current workload etc.

Forness Construction offers Construction Management for your project if you are an owner who wants to enjoy the benefits of a collaborative team work effort to build your project as opposed to just the standard design-bid-build process.

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