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Just a year into my career as a Carpenter, building houses, I broke my back on a motorcycle and was left paralyzed from the waist down in a wheelchair. Not the best way to start out a career in Construction. However after 6 months in the hospital and 5 operations, I was able to learn to walk again.

A few years later after obtaining a Certification and a job in the Computer repair field (Assuming I could no longer work in construction because of my injury), I quit the job and took a job picking up scraps of wood around framed houses for $4 an hour. I wanted to be working outside and using my body, I decided not to live my life based on fears of ‘what if my back can’t handle it?’ The pain in my back eventually subsided.

Eventually I became a full fledged journeyman carpenter, I spent years framing Houses, Schools, and Commercial buildings, as well as setting forms and finishing  concrete. I was never given special treatment and I worked the same as all the able bodied men in the field. I did all the heavy lifting and working ‘up high’ the same as anyone else. I realized it’s not as much about the strength of the back as the strength of the heart.

Later I learned that the Construction Industry needs professionals that are able to manage a company in an organized way and operate with integrity in order to serve their customers well. Again the back does not come into play as much as the heart and the mind. Having the courage to go above and beyond the status quo in the Contracting field, to overcome the accepted levels of quality, service and management, and give the customer a higher level of professionalism is what our company is all about.

Forness Construction has been building quality projects since 1988. Our philosophy is simple. Quality Value and Dependability. We understand that people want a quality product at a reasonable price, and they want it delivered on time in a dependable and professional way. We have strived to accomplish this for our customers for over 30 years and have hundreds of satisfied customers as a result. Consistent and ongoing refining of our processes over the years as well as continuous education and development of new skills has made Forness Construction a great choice for a professional and dependable Contractor to complete your project.

Forness Construction is Licensed Bonded and Insured to protect our customers. Forness Construction carries a General Contractors license as well as a General Engineering Contractors License and A Certified Construction Managers Title. We have been in business for 30 years and have hundreds of satisfied customers. Our experience and expertise in the field of construction ranges across the spectrum from residential new construction and remodeling, to heavy commercial demolition and construction and specialty public works projects for Cities, States and other public entities. We also have a property restoration division ‘Quality Property Restoration’.
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Phone: 530-701-3442

Email: ken@fornessconstruction.com

1965 N. Beale Rd
Marysville, CA 95901

CSLB Lic #543787 A, B, C-8
Certified Construction Manager #5665