General Construction

The Commercial Construction and Public Works Venue require a higher standard of organization and management capabilities than residential. A Great Contracting Firm is characterized by skillfully handling and management of all the stringent requirements in this contracting arena. 

Efficient document management, capable and experienced project management, and quality craftsmanship to meet the high standards and specifications of public owners are some of the foundational skill sets to needed to be successful in this area. 

At Forness Construction we have the knowledge and experience to navigate the often complex requirements and to be able to deliver successful projects to our clients. 

Here is a partial list of our strengths:

• Timely and efficient estimating, and Organized and Accurate bid submittals
• Professional Document Management including RFIs, Submittals, Warranties 
• Professional Project Management and Supervision
• Comprehensive and effective Safety Program 
• Prevailing wage and union Affiliation requirements
• Certified payroll submission requirements
• Efficient scheduling and timely project delivery systems
• Insurance and Bonding requirements
• Understanding of CPM Schedules and Liquidated Damages
• Fair and accurate and change order management
• Quality Control and Superb Craftsmanship

General Contracting

Forness construction has the experience, knowledge and dependability to make your commercial building a success. We provide competitive estimates and cover all your bases in pre construction, during construction, and post construction. 

We work as a team with the design professional to create your project on time and on budget. Contact Forness Construction today for an initial consultation and let us explain how we can help you have a successful and timely project. 

Here is a partial listing of the areas we provide:

• Entitlements
• Permit Process
• Insurance and Bonding
• Surveying and Excavation
• Temporary Services
• Project Management and Supervision
• Quality Control
• Professional Scheduling
• Subcontractor Management
• Document management
• Site Safety and Security
• Warranties and Post Construction Services

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